Transforming Citizen Engagement

Project Overview

In the dynamic landscape of public service delivery, the Scheme Broadcasting Application stands as a transformative and innovative tool designed to bridge the gap between government schemes and the citizens they serve. Rooted in the need for transparent, efficient, and citizen-centric governance, this application represents a cuttingedge solution for disseminating crucial information about government initiatives, programs, and services.

Project feature view

1. User and Registration Data Input: The data flow begins when a citizen registers on the mobile application. Users basic provide demographic details, including mobile number, district, gender, phone number, caste, and age. This information is securely transmitted to the application's backend.
2. Data Processing and Validation The backend server processes and validates the user-provided data. It verifies that the input is accurate and follows predefined data validation rules.
3. Scheme Eligibility Assessment: Based on the user's demographic details, the backend server assesses the eligibility of the user for various government schemes. It compares the user's data against a database of government schemes and their criteria. Eligible schemes and services are identified.
4. Query to Scheme Database: The backend server queries a database that contains comprehensive information about government schemes. This database includes details about each scheme's objectives, benefits, application procedures, and contact information.

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    Information and Broadcasting
  • Technology
    Asp .Net Core, Asp .Net Core Web API, React Native, MySQL, AWS S3