Super Discount

Project Overview

The project is about creating a platform for finding and sharing different offers from shops and malls. The platform can be used on web and mobile devices. Users can post and see discounts, promotions, and special deals in various places. The app also sends personalized notifications and has a complete database of current deals. The app makes shopping easy and enjoyable, connecting users with the latest offers at their fingertips.

Project feature view

The website and app contain Homepage, Top banner, Trendy post, and Video banner.
Homepage: The Homepage is the main page where users can explore Mall Offers and get more information about each shop. The homepage has different sections for different categories of products, such as appliances, medical, toys, and books. This makes it easy for users to find and interact with the offers and shop details they want.
Top Banner: The Top Banner is a moving slider that shows the best offers, promotions, and exclusive deals on the homepage. It is designed to catch the eye of the users as soon as they enter the site.
Trendy Post: The Trendy Post section gives users more details about the shops, such as their addresses and shop numbers. This helps users to know where to find the shops they are interested in.

  • Client
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  • Industry
    Classified Application
  • Technology
    PHP, MySQL, Laravel, Java, Ionic, Angular