Real Estate Surveillance Application

Project Overview

The client wants to build an application, which will serve as a digital guard to the real estate that people usually leave back home. People staying far from the native area or people having properties far from their location of stay will get the real eye on their properties.

Project feature view

The project is accessible mainly with 3 roles, Customer, Enabler, and Super Enabler.
Customers will subscribe to the service monthly/annually/weekly reporting basis. After a successful subscription and KYC verification, they will get a geofencing link to let the application identify the property boundary. Scheduled images and videos come to the customer feed and they can make a comparison to know the difference within a time frame.
Enablers will be the role that will be managing the onfield reporting. In some subscription cases, they can also do the geofencing. On every login, their IMEI gets checked to ensure this is the same enabler using the app from their registered device. They can connect to the customer over a video call as well.
Super enablers manage the enabler. They assign the route, property, etc. to the enablers. They can also perform the same functions as enablers do.

  • Client details
  • Location
  • Industry
    Real Estate
  • Technology
    Node, Express, Reactjs, mariadb, Googlemapapis, Geofencing