NFT Selling Application

Project Overview

Our client wanted to sell the unique NFTs for high school-level renowned athletes. There are two modules of the application, the Admin and the Public. Admin module is mostly to control the visibility of the public site contents. Mostly the settings to manage the website content, athlete-specific sections to manage the athletes, and sections to push the NFT to the blockchain.

Project feature view

As part of the admin portal, client can onboard athletes at regular intervals. Here are the features supporting the athlete onboard process.

  • Upload new athlete with their details
  • Upload athlete's images and the regulations
  • NFT videos
  • NFT metadata, etc. Along with the above, admin can
  • Specify the wallet details from which the gas fees get paid while onboarding the NFT to the blockchain network.
  • Define the athlete wallet which gets the royalty and percentage of the royalty after a successful NFT sale.
  • Push the video and their metadata as NFTs to the blockchain network after they are uploaded. The system keeps the track of the smart contracts and the owner's details too.

  • Client
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  • Industry
  • Technology
    Node, Express, ReactJS, Mongo DB, Solana block chain, Phantom wallet, Web3