Health Hubcare

Project Overview

The client's goal is to create the first complete continuum care provider on web and app platforms. This innovative digital solution offers a variety of healthcare services for people with acute, post-acute, and chronic conditions. These services go beyond critical care facilities and reach patients at their homes. Through the app, users can access different assessments, customized diet plans, and complete health records. The app also allows users to book appointments, giving them a convenient and holistic healthcare experience at their fingertips.

Project feature view

This website mainly features: Dashboard, Records, Billing, and Requests.
Dashboard: Users can access and manage various features related to their initial and continuum care plans, such as:
Initial Medical Plans: View the initial medical plans for patients.
Continuum Care Plan: Manage and track the personalized continuum care plan for individual health needs.
Medical Informant Diagnosis: Get detailed medical informant diagnoses for informed decision-making.
Discharge Summary: See concise summaries of the patient's journey and current health status.
Help: Get support and guidance for a user-friendly experience.
Physiotherapy Assessment, OT Assessment, RT Assessment, SLP Assessment: Access and manage assessments from different specialized therapies.

  • Client
  • Location
  • Industry
    Healthcare Application
  • Technology
    React Native, .NET Core, MS SQL, Angular, Web API, EF Core, LINQ, Dapper.