Collaboration Hub

Project Overview

The project aims to establish a dynamic platform facilitating a symbiotic relationship between clients and xperts looking for project opportunities. Through a user-friendly interface, clients can post projects and find xperts seamlessly. Clients outline project details, and experts apply for suitable projects, fostering collaboration. The platform features project posting, expert discovery, and efficient communication channels ensures efficient collaboration, connecting clients with the right experts and empowering experts to explore and engage in projects aligned with their expertise.

Project feature view

The website offers two types of accounts: Client and Xpert.
Client account: This account allows users to create various projects based on their specific requirements and needs. They can post these projects and reach a wide range of potential xperts. They can also search and find suitable xperts for their projects. They can even create projects for a specific xpert if they want. The website also enables communication through chat, so that clients can discuss project details with xperts.
Xpert account: This account gives users the opportunity to explore different projects posted by clients. They can save the projects they are interested in for later. They can also apply for the projects they want, showcasing their skills and experience. Moreover, they can communicate directly with clients, ensuring collaboration and clarity throughout the project. To increase their visibility, they can easily share their profiles on social media platforms.

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  • Industry
    Job Consulting Application
  • Technology
    PHP, Wordpress, MySQL, jQuery, Bootstrap CSS