Automation Anywhere Bot Migration

Project Overview

The client wants to migrate the bots from Automation Anywhere Enterprise 11 to Automation 360, which is used to automate critical financial operations such as investments, bank records, insurance records, retirement plans, etc. This will be an On-prem to Cloud-based migration.

Project feature view

To perform migration to Automation 360, there are 3 major steps that have to be performed.
Check migration readiness For this, we will be using the Bot Scanner utility to analyze the bots which we have to migrate and see if the bots are ready to migrate or not. The utility will display all the details including changes suggested to make the bot migration ready.
Prepare new Control Room Now we will deploy the Control Room by picking a method of deployment out of the 3 available - Cloud, Cloud-enabled & On-Prem. For this, we are picking Cloud deployment wherein the Control Room, Customer Data, and Product updates will be fully hosted and managed by Automation Anywhere Enterprise Cloud.
Migrate and validate Bots Finally, we will use the Migration Wizard in order to migrate the bots. Rigorous testing is performed to ensure that the bots are performing as expected by the customer.

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    Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Automation Anywhere Enterprise 11, Automation 360, Bot Scanner.