ArcGIS Map-Based Travel Application

Project Overview

This is a locator-based travel app that has been developed for one of our clients in the Middle East. In this Application, ArcGIS Map Layer has been used in the city geographical area in essential places, streets, buildings, and parks are highlighted with geospatial addresses. This will be helpful for the visitors to find the right places. This application also has features like locating any vibrant events that are happening in the city visitors/investors etc. can locate the same using the application.

Project feature view

This is a map-based locator app to help visitors which has features like locating bus routes, news & events, weather info, city taxi, currency exchange, etc.
The information section of the application helps the visitors to show location-based news, current affairs, other information about the city, ongoing and upcoming events, etc.

  • Client
  • Location
    Middle East
  • Industry
  • Technology
    Java for Android, ArcGIS Map, Retrofit