Starting in the year 2020, with the mission to metamorphose Ideas into Reality, the organization is a realistic rendition of the dreams of the visionary, Mr. Nirmal Chandra Hota.

With the untrodden ambition to set a benchmark for budding IT companies, he started this company with a mere 10 people. Within two years, the company has seen an exponential trajectory of growth and has reached a bench strength of 50+ core team members, working diligently to scatter the needs of our global client base.

With a hawk eye focus on the popular saying, “We are the products of our past, rendered deliberately in the dedication of our present and striving hard for the future.” The organization has continued to bosom under his able guidance and will continue doing so in the years to come.


our Core Values

The basic elements of how we go about our work. They govern our Code of Conduct, guide our business processes, and determine who we are as an organization. These are the fundamental beliefs of a person or organization. They are a set of beliefs, ideals, or practices that inform how we conduct ourselves both personally and professionally.

To fuel our innate fire of excellence, we need to abridge the essential attributes in our day-to-day professional domain so that we can represent ourselves as the torchbearers of this organization.

The values that we preach, imbibe, inculcate and reflect through our course of actions would be -

The promise of the sheer determination of being devoted to a cause, an activity, or a vision is what we call commitment.


Quality sets us apart and assures users their requirements are fulfilled, providing confidence and a great experience.


Accountability in work ethics means being answerable, responsible, and owning up to mistakes with an expectation to fix them.


Ingenuity is the quality of being inventive, creative, original, and innovative in one's thinking or actions. It takes ingenuity and the willingness to strive.


Why achieve little, when we can achive bigger together! A thoughtful, committed group of people can achive things beyond imagination.


Utkal Labs values continuous improvement, and individual growth, empowering its team and gaining a competitive advantage.

Meet Our Management

Meet our dynamic and experienced management team, guiding our organization with vision and expertise, driving innovation and growth.


Mr. Nirmal Chandra Hota

Chief executive officer

Our CEO, Mr. Nirmal Hota, A tech acumen and an exemplary leader, his diaspora of technical knowledge has earned him many accolades and he has been one of the prominent head honchos amongst the tech geeks. With an exceptional expertise in budding technologies, his stellar profile not only consists of a mountaineering 19+ years of corporate experience working with some big names of the silicon valley, but also has many benchmarks added as feathers to his crown. The recent one being an honorary speaker at the most infamous BCrypt Conference.




Our COO, Mr. Suvendu Giri, is our go to case of all the dire, despair and dread. Apart from being a renowned figure in the tech and with years of experience in the industry, he has held the helm of the operations department at Utkal Labs. With an astounding career spanning to more than 10+ years, he has worked in reputed tech companies in Bhubaneswar. A Masters of Computer Science, Suvendu started his career as a Junior. Software Developer with Anthem Global. With his domain expertise, he moved on from Jr. Developer to Technical Team Lead, within a short span of 5 years.